The Story of Talnea

Talnea Machining & Manufacturing would not be the company it is without the very highly skilled, motivated, and dedicated team who become part of our family. We only hire individuals who have demonstrated a passion for this career. We are very fortunate to have so many very bright individuals to be part of our collective intelligence. We encourage the exploration and discussion of new ideas and processes. This allows us to constantly overcome challenges that may cause another shop to stumble.

If you are interested in joining our team, please find your way to our careers page.

Born from a passion in machining, Talnea was incorporated in 2003 by three partners who all came from the machining industry. Barry brought an established business background, Gord applied his engineering background, and Vijay brought his years of experience as an extremely skilled and experienced machinist. Together, a solid partnership formed and still lasts to this day.

Although very experienced and capable managers are relied upon heavily, the three partners are still very much involved in the day to day operations of Talnea.

A network of experts

Through many years of machining parts for many industries, Talnea Machining & Manufacturing has built up a very solid network of suppliers and experts that provide high quality complimentary services such as welding, fabrication, heat treating, anodizing, tooling, treatments, and coatings. We have access to the best material suppliers on the globe and can accommodate specific needs. All of our material and services are traced from the time of your order to your receipt of your parts and can be supplied upon request.