Swiss Style Screw Machines

Contrary to the name, Swiss Style Screw Machines do so much more than make screws, although they are very good at that. Due to their design, swiss style screw machines are very good at producing precise, small diameter, long length complex parts.

Get your job done precisely and quickly using our multiple Swiss-style Screw Machines with a capacity up to 20mm (0.750”) diameter. Each screw machine is equipped with an automatic hydraulic bar-feed which aids in higher production and allows for “lights out” production in some cases.

Being a specialized type of machine, these screw machines have allowed Talnea to service companies requiring high production of small simple or complex parts. Great for your shear screws, shear pins, thermowells, shafts, electrical pins, as well as many other small parts.

You can also have us provide in-house shear testing to determine the shear values of your shear screws and shear pins.